About Us

As a mom of two, a wife, and a degree seeking graduate student my life was greatly challenged. Between soccer games, doctor visit's, laundry and whatever else you could possibly think of as a mother, I had no time and no money. With my husband being our only source of income... well, lets just say our budget was on a budget. The idea for "Widdle" WiddleToes originated from a sketch done by my oldest daughter, Alicia. Alicia is a very vibrant and fashion forward teen. This was not an overnight dream, it took years of planning with many trials and errors. Alicia's first designs in 2013 was of a widdle rompers and then a pair of widdle shoes, hence the name. I embraced her idea and ran with it. Each one of our moccasins and rompers was designed by me for you.
 I loved the idea of slipping on anything without having to tie, button, or zip. As a busy mom, tying shoes was so over-rated and buttoning onesies was such a hassle. So I created my own products, which would take less time to get your widdle one ready and more time loving them. I wanted something comfortable, practical and fashionable. So I put my fashion twist on it and wallah! I started to realize there was a demand for all my products. I live to give all the widdle babies all the fancy and schmancy needed!